Testing our ideas.

When Netflix was starting out, its founders were trying different things (features, packages, other selling tactics) constantly. Initially they started creating a new test every two weeks. Then they got quicker and started changing and testing every couple of days. The quicker tests were not as perfect. Sometimes links were broken, or there might be a typo. But it was enough for them to figure out whether there was interest.

Were people complaining about a broken link? Well clearly they had hit on something because people wanted to see what was there!

They weren’t just thinking about ideas, they were trying them.

And apparently, what they thought was a good idea was often wrong, and what they thought might be a horrible idea sometimes was what people actually wanted.

What ideas are you thinking about that you need to start trying?

It might work and it might not, but you will not know without testing it.

(Info re: Netflix obtained here).

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