What’s next?

I think I make it pretty clear that I believe in living a vibrant life in the moment. I don’t want to spend years miserable for some future promise.

And yet, that doesn’t mean I’m just in a happy status.

I love the journey.

And part of that means constantly asking “what’s next?”

What’s our next trip? What’s my next business improvement for customers? What’s the next thing I want to learn? What’s needed now to care for myself?

What is the next destination on my life’s great journey?

And what is yours?

* Also…I’m starting a podcast! I might just call it ‘What’s Next? Navigating Life’s Transitions in Southeast Alaska.’ I will be interviewing people in Southeast about the resources available as we age such as hospice, senior housing, in home care, nursing homes, funeral services, etc. I might also do a healthy living component where I ramble or interview others.

Do you have ideas on the title or concept? I’d love to hear from you!

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