Peloton Review: Day 1.

What? I somehow, somewhy, bought a Peloton!

Apparently so did all of the other people during the pandemic, so I had to wait 3 months for it to arrive.

During those months, I was able to do the Peloton workouts through the app. For cycling workouts I was on my trainer. I had to guess for resistance levels, but had a great time. The classes are really well done, and I personally like the studio feel and having someone yell at me.

Unfortunately, the delivery process was disappointing at best.

My bike finally arrived, which is great. However, in those 3 months, I had ZERO communication from the company. No communication on delivery, or anything else.

There was a logistics company who was going to help the bike get to me. They immediately started contacting me to schedule my delivery. Immediately as in when I purchased the bike, and when there was actually no bike that was ready to be delivered to me. (When I finally received my bike, I received a call from the local barge company informing me that it was in town and arranging for delivery. There was no pre-warning).

The local company dropped my bike off, just as they said they would.

It was in a box.

I excitedly started to open the box.

There were no directions to put it together. (And lots of pieces).

I also didn’t have my accessories – which means I didn’t have the shoes to use the bike.

I did some research. First, I discovered that bikes are supposed to come put together. I contacted customer service.

It was a disaster. Long story short, I did get instructions to put the bike together. However, I did not get any reduced shipping or anything else – I was told that they don’t guarantee that it will come assembled to my region. That makes sense to me, however, the employees were unsympathetic – and if you know that some regions will get a box with parts – then it seems to me that this large, successful, company could manage to make sure that I have the instructions I need before it arrives. It also seems to me that they could arrange to get the accessories to me on time.

So, I will not be investing in Peloton. I think they are doing something wrong.

However, I did get my first workout in. Turns out that my normal cycle shoes have the correct cleats – and my ride was great. It was definitely the hardest I have worked out in a long time, and it was just plain fun. The technology of the bike itself seems to be good, as well as the classes and instructors. They are doing something right, but not quite everything!

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