A plan.

Having a concrete, step by step, plan is amazing!

Training for a triathlon is easy when all you have to do is look at your plan each day and do what it says.

But to create that plan, one must have a goal. What race? What length? What date? Then you work backwards to figure out what you should be doing each week, and then each day, to achieve your goal.

If you do not know any of those factors, then how would you know what to be doing? You could certainly alternate between swimming, biking and running. You might throw in some strength and mobility work, and maybe stay in decent shape. However, for most of us, our bodies will rebel and get injured if we typically run 30-60 minutes and then go out one day and run for 3 hours.

I am discovering that the same is true in business. I have been going along the last couple of months, figuring I will make changes as it’s time to do so. Then I worked with my coach to map out what is possible in a year, and then to work backwards to make sure I have the marketing and support in place. It is a completely different mindset. I see now how foggy things were, but now I can put that plan in place, follow the steps, and boom – hit race day ready to roll!

Where are you moving along by feel? And where are you ready for a bigger goal – and a plan?

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