I have been a bit stuck on thinking of my long term goals. Then someone asked, in an attorney Facebook group I am a member of, what our big life and business goals were.

The answers were fascinating and all over the board. Hearing what others’ wanted to do somehow unlocked my brain to come up with the goals I wanted for my own life. Others were also freed by reading people’s really big goals – to dream big in their own life.

I came across this quote recently:

To achieve great things you need a plan and not quite enough time.

~ Leonard Bernstein, quoted in TheBrowser.com and found by me in The Week magazine.

And in this podcast episode, Steven Pressfield discusses that if you want to undertake a creative project, he recommends taking on the project that scares you the most. Choose a big idea, don’t insult your ‘muse’ with a small idea.

If you are stuck, what might get you out of it? What goal is so scary you don’t even want to think about it?

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