What is my value?

Whether you run your own business and bill for services or are an employee within an organization, you make a decision about what to charge or what to ask for.

There’s so much that goes into the decision of what you are worth.

I spoke with someone recently who charges much less for services than someone in a nearby community. He worries that charging more for the great service he provides will lead to a loss of clients. However, what is the alternative? If he does not make enough to support himself then he will be driven to other employment. Who does that help?

Yes there is a balance. I’ve learned recently of thinking about it by first deciding the life you want to lead and then figuring the rest out. Sure that is not going to work for someone that wants a certain lifestyle at least at some point. But I think for most of us our dream life might just not be that expensive. And if we are doing the work that we love that provides the most value to the world, this way of thinking might just help everyone live in a better place.

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