What’s next?

Sometimes I get so obsessed with the next right step that I forget to look above and figure out what path I’m on. Am I taking steps on a path I don’t want to be on, or am I heading in the right direction?

How do you decide whether you are on the right path?

I have a few tools I use. One of the best for business purposes is a comprehensive spreadsheet to look at projected income and expenses for a year ahead. It allows me to choose a goal and then figure out how to get there. It also helps me to talk to others about where I am going. For me the biggest person is my business coach, but for many of us that will be a friend or a trusted advisor in any one of a number of different capacities. We can also use our own spreadsheets or other journal exercises. Perhaps you might write a letter to your future self reflecting on the life you wanted to lead?

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