Harder is not always smarter.

I’m watching kids do 360s off of a jump. (Ie, a full spin around).

They’re not getting much air and it doesn’t look like they’re working hard at all. Just a slight movement and there they are flipped around.

In my younger years I tried so hard to do a 360. I remember spending days just jump after jump. Every time I would do a 180 and then fall on my head. I honestly don’t think I was even trying a different tactic – I just kept trying the same thing over and over even though it was failing.

I do know that I kept trying harder and harder. Watching these kids I can’t help but think that was the error. Perhaps, if I had slowed down and tried to make it easy I would have had more success.

Harder is not always smarter. And sometimes the easy way is the most efficient way.

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