When I was consulting with an IT company to provide ongoing support, my first choice was going to require that I switch email providers.

Not because mine isn’t secure enough, rather they want all clients on the same system so that they only have to learn that single system. Easier at scale.

When I started working with an accountant, she was not familiar with my bookkeeping software. She didn’t require me to switch, thank goodness, but if I was a newbie asking for advice, she would have driven me to the product that she knows and uses. Even if there is something better on the market.

As a service professional, I too will develop systems and get engrained in those systems. “Why do you do it that way?” clients will someday ask. And I will turn up the edge of my mouth, look to the sky, and realize that the honest answer is “because this is how I have always done it.”

When something isn’t broken, why fix it? And yet, we can also see why some newer, improved, items take a long time to gain popularity.

Whether a consumer or provider, it’s worth recognizing our ruts and blind spots. What might we be missing?

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