Keeping track of life time.

We were thinking back, trying to figure out what we did during the summers over 15 years ago…back when we were in school and summers were a thing. That’s when we worked (more than 10 hours per week).

Those jobs felt huge to us. What we chose to do, or found to do, would set us up for the future. Those few months would make a huge difference in our future.

But now? We can’t even recall, and the idea that a few months experience meant something deeply is somewhat astonishing.

There is beauty in that time period of life, though. As adults, we might do the same thing for decades. Are we marking the time period with changes and new adventures, or letting ourselves fall into monotony?

Perhaps we might start tracking what is different about each year. What adventures were taken? What changes at work? What did that mean to you at the time, and what challenges did you face at the time? We are likely growing even if it feels monotonous, what has actually changed and what have you learned?

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