Plowing ahead.

When you want something, what do you do?

I’ve noticed that some people plow ahead and go after it, while other stick back and maybe get less because of it.

As I was hiring recently, someone didn’t apply because they couldn’t get the application in on time (said it was a family emergency). Why didn’t they just submit it anyway? People create rules, but on the other side of the rules, I know that there is nothing set in stone about them! Don’t meet job qualifications? Apply anyway, because you never know who else is going to apply and what they are really looking for (unless it’s government or some other equally rigid environment where it really won’t matter).

Sometimes we set barriers for ourselves or let others set barriers when we really don’t need to. If you want it, go get it, you never know what might happen.

Our culture seems to respond surprisingly well to a reasonable amount of pushing ahead.

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