Your box.

Imagine a box. Sealed on all sides. No light can get in.

You are in this box. It is your reality. This is what you see as a possibility.

This is the type of job you will have. The salary range you will make. The type of house you strive for. The food you consume. How you treat and interact with others.

Someone asks what you want in life. The question is silly. You are in your box. This is the life you imagine because it is the life you see.

We are all born in a box.

Some are born with a hole to make it easier to see they can get out. Some have a metal box, others cardboard with duct tape, and others are flimsy. You can’t change the type of box you were born in. Some will climb on top of their box, others will be happy with a life inside. The choice is scary and doesn’t even feel like a choice. But many of us are in the position to climb out, discard, and build our own box if we choose to make the leap.

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