Getting over the hump.

I have really been enjoying my Peloton bike – and training with the power zone workouts. This means that after doing a ‘test’ (riding as hard as I can for 20 minutes), the system calculates different zones of effort (or output). This allows me to ride in specific zones throughout my workouts to target fitness goals. Generally when I train for things I am not good at anything tech, but this makes it easy for me and has been a ton of fun!!

But, one thing I notice clearly every time I get on the bike is that the efforts are more challenging at the beginning of the workout. When I first get to zones 3 or 4, it feels really really hard, but then I can later ride in that zone for much longer and it feels easier. I’m not alone, the instructors warn that this happens.

So, same output, harder at the beginning before my body is fully ready for it. Then, harder again at some point in the future as I fatigue.

This same type of ‘hump’ is something most of us experience regularly. When I sit down to do something I have been putting off because I don’t want to do it, it’s hard as h*ll, but then gets easier.

If we can remember that it is just a hump, and that it will get easier, allows us to face the pain more readily. It will get easier, and we will feel so much better afterwards!

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