Whose time am I on?

I had time in town between meetings and it was a great opportunity to run some errands for work.

I realized I was right near somewhere where I had to do a personal errand. Instinctively, I thought I can’t do that errand because I’m on work time, not personal time.

It was only a fleeting thought before I realized that in my new life as a business owner and self-employed individual, I’m both always on work time and always on personal time-as I choose. (I suppose with the exception of the many meetings I have with others but I can choose when those are!)

I believe that my rigidness and thinking about work time and personal time when I used to work for someone else is partly why I hated being an employee so much. But I also wonder what it’s like for people that grow up around a more fluid sense of time. Or people that have been business owners for longer than me. Will I someday get used to owning my own time?

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