Let’s talk about running a business you love!

I share whatever I want on my blog. Mostly musings on life and what I’m thinking about related to myself or others. I started writing about triathlon, turned to whatever I felt like, and thought that some day I would gravitate to another more concrete theme.

I’m realizing that I spend most of my time thinking about my own business and learning about others. Almost all the podcasts and books I read are business related. It’s my passion. While I often share musings related to business, I have decided to shamelessly turn more to sharing what I am learning and what I find interesting from others.

This will still be EJS’ Blog. And I will still often writing musings on life in general. But expect so see some more specifics that I hope will interest other business owners and maybe even provide value to them.

Thank you to regular readers! It is my hope that you will still continue to enjoy reading, and you can delete the ones that are clearly not aligning with your interests.

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