I had the opportunity to speak with someone with an MBA who is also starting her own company how much her business degree helps her. I have been questioning the value of continue education in the more formal business sense, so I thought it was a good opportunity to ask about another person’s experience.

Her answer: not really because she has to learn how to do everything anyway. In other words, the steps to start her business are all things she just has to figure out. We all do.

Surely the MBA helps some people with some things, but her point is a good one that anyone starting a business will encounter – there isn’t something that someone can teach us. We have to (and get to) create and learn as we go and figure it out!

[Also – her business is super intriguing if you or someone you know has eczema!! It’s a subscription box to try out products in small quantities to find out what will work for your skin. Check it out here.]

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