Stress & self-esteem.

I heard someone say recently that stress impacts one’s self-esteem.

I did a very brief internet search to find more information, and indeed, this is a think that people talking about. Of course, stress and self-esteem can both be defined numerous ways. Economic stress, or stress caused by being a different race and feeling that you are treated differently, are going to play out very differently than the stress of preparing for a court hearing or to give a speech.

While I didn’t find anything worth sharing in the super quick search, this might be an interesting concept to ponder in your own life. Is stress in your own life giving you a more negative view of yourself or how you view the possibilities in your life? Are there circumstances that you could change in your life to allow a boost in your view of self and what the possibilities are? Are we doing something to impact another person in a way that could affect their self esteem?

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