In the midst of working, the phone rang. I would have let an unknown number go to voicemail, however, the phone said it was from Oregon and I have family in Oregon and it is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I am worried about them.

The caller did not give the usual introduction.

Instead, he introduced himself and told me he was deaf. He was calling through a sign language interpreter, and asked if I ever had this experience.

No, I said, wondering why he was calling.

It took me awhile to shift gears. Work was on my mind, then worry about the call being from Oregon.

He wasn’t in Oregon. And he was calling me in my role as race director for a local triathlon. He wanted to know if we could accommodate him.

Of course! Once I understood what/how we could assist and help keep him safe.

And that is all. Just wanted to share that this service exists, where I can talk to a deaf person on the phone who is a phone call away, and a reminder of our own ability to pick up a phone and speak without an interpreter.

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