I sit listening to Seth Godin rant about some fascinating topic. He recently published his 200th episode of the Akimbo podcast. The structure of his podcast consists of him ranting about a particular topic for about 15 minutes, give or take.

His rants make me think, I often learn, and they frequently advance my own thinking in a particular area.

But why him? Why does he get to create this podcast that so many people listen to?

Is it because he has spent decades developing his own thinking so that now he has something to share?

Or is it because he shows up and does it? Because he puts his thoughts out, and enough people want to listen that we find him?

But why him and not you or I?

I think it’s a mix. Yes, he is smart and talks about interesting things. But it is also because he does it. He is giving himself permission, rather than waiting for someone else to do it for him.

We can all share our ideas on the numerous public platforms. And maybe, just maybe, we will find the people who want to show up and listen to us, to learn from our thoughts as they develop their own – and then maybe they will go out and share their own version.

[And that may take time. I recently published my 1000th blog post, and I am still finding my voice and deciding who I want to share that voice with, and mostly doing it in a very small and private way over here on my little blog.]

2 thoughts on “Permission.

  1. Thanks for the heads-up Liz. I’ll be listening to Seth’s podcast from June 23rd this evening during my every-other-day power walk.


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