A sense of perspective.

When I was getting started in my health coaching business – my very first business – I had high hopes of how easily it would be to get noticed and find clients.

As an attorney myself, I decided I wanted to target attorneys, and I booked a booth at the bar convention.

Of course, with a booth, I needed materials to get noticed. I bought a sign, ordered brochures, and I bought pens. Oh boy, did I buy pens! Hundreds of them! I recently came upon the original shipping box to see how many I had left. It has been about 5 years, and I still have most of them left!

I am happy that I can still use these pens in my law practice. Different business, same person and cell number (though that’s not longer the most efficient way to get your questions answered). But it is hilarious to think of the hope I held that I would go through that number of pens. I went to two bar conventions, held workshops in my office, and still didn’t make a dent in my pen supply!

I think overbuying is a common lesson when starting out, and it may be one of those things you must learn for yourself through experience.

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