An employee’s market

I hear reports of people rethinking the jobs they want to take after the pandemic. Despite reports of many without jobs, many hiring are also struggling to find people. And it does not seem to be just a matter of too low pay. I heard on the radio of a business struggling to hire a dishwasher at $17 an hour… A job that I imagine is often minimum wage.

I am imagine that part of this is an industry/lifestyle shift. People may be deciding they want different work demands, different hours, etc.

But I wonder what shifts we will start to see from an employer standpoint? What type of environment will help businesses find employees?

It may be that we are in the midst of an employee market, despite the number of unemployed people. As an employee, you may have a great opportunity right in front of you to create change in your workplace – to make it better. Or to make more asks if you find someone you want to work for. And those of us who are fortunate enough to be employers, we would be wise to listen, for the benefit of all.

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