And my decision is…

I was recently reminded of a lesson learned as I transitioned to a legal adult. I was fed up with my family not supporting my decisions, so I started making plans without telling them.

“I have this great opportunity but it requires that I take a year off from college, which is good because I’m not really into college right now anyway, isn’t this great? I am excited for you to support me,” became “my college has already approved a leave of absence and I am taking a year off and here is my plan.” That was an extreme example but was lined up with many similar decision making tactics.

While sometimes we want to make decisions with those who will be affected, I think it is also important to know that sometimes it is okay to make your own decision and standby it. Our best opportunities are likely to come after trying something different from the norm, and if we wait until we have the support of those around us, we may be waiting forever. This remains true whether we are 18 and exploring legal adulthood, or 81.

One thought on “And my decision is…

  1. Very true, you can always work until you’re 70 if you need to, but you will never be able to explore the world with the vigor and endurance that you have in your youth (youth is anything less than 40 years old). And the memories and lessons you learn during that time of global exploration will be your “shining star” right to the bitter end.


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