Your community at work.

I saw a social media post recently along the lines of : your co-workers are not your community and your manager is not your friend. There was more involved, but the gist was that your boss and people at work don’t care about you and you shouldn’t get too close or think that is the community that will stick by you throughout and be your true friend-base.

Compare that with this response from Luis Miranda,* who, when asked how he balances work and life, responded that he has found a way to work 24/7 by surrounding himself with people he loves to talk to who he also collaborates with. In other words, he doesn’t draw strict lines because he enjoys spending time with the people he also works with.

Which world would you rather create for yourself?

*Luis is father to Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the Hamilton musical. Both father and son were guests on Adam Grant’s podcast, available here.

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