It’s not for me.

I took a Peloton class and it was not for me. For some reason I continued through the whole thing even though I did not find it fun.

The thing is, it was a great class. It was unique and special, and amazingly done. I can recognize that, and yet still not enjoy it one bit, because I am not the audience.

(It was part of a special music series, and all tracks from Pearl Jam live shows. I imagine that for someone that likes going to shows, it was awesome. Or who likes Pearl Jam. You may be reading this and ready to go find it yourself. But that is not me.)

Other classes are for me, and not for others.

It’s always a good reminder when we experience something that we appreciate but do not enjoy, as an outsider looking in. Because when it is our own product or service, it is darn easy to take it personally when someone does not buy from us.

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