Doing poorly in school.

One of my favorite podcasts is How I Built This with Guy Raz. He expertly interviews business owners, getting their stories about how they started and some other ups and downs.

It is very common that the business owners he interviews did not do well in school. They struggled to comply if it wasn’t something that they were interested in.

I am going through a rebellious stage. I did great at school and as an employee, always following the rules and doing as told. And I used to have little trouble doing the things that I thought I was supposed to be doing, and maybe even thought I wanted to do.

But now…well, now I do not do anything that I don’t want to do. I thought it might be due to the pandemic, but I wonder if I am transitioning into the true par of me that was born to be an entrepreneur?

Maybe I am getting used to being done doing what others expect out of me and shifting to being a more true version of myself. Watch out world. Who’s with me?

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