Why buy?

What will make life easier?

We of course get sold all the time with ads telling us that a product will make our lives easier. And some of us are more easily swayed than others. I do not always make the right decisions, but when purchasing an actual product, I like to ask what problem the item would solve.

I recently made a tech purchase. I do not have the item yet, but I decided to buy it for a very particular reason. In other words a problem that I had to solve, and decided that this tool would be helpful and was worth the cost.

Ever since I made that decision, I keep thinking about other reasons that it will be useful in my life to make my work more efficient. While it is still possible that this will be the type of item I use for a month and then let languish, I hope that this is a sign that it will be a game changer. Just like those leggings that I have worn practically every day for a couple of years, a game changer purchase is money well spent no matter the amount.

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