What is your economy?

If you are in the service sector, there is a broad range in terms of how much to specialize. The more specialized, in many ways, the easier it will be to find the people that will support you. As long as you know where to look and how to find your people, they will be happy to have found the person serving just them.

But that is also going to depend on your community and the size of market. For example, if you are in a small town and only able to serve people in that town, it is possible that you will need a broader focus in order to find enough people to support you.

I remember hearing about people in a large metro area employing a mobile dog washing service. That is a service, that my knowledge, is simply not available in my smallish community. And it is an example of a service with enough overhead that it will require a decent size customer base to survive.

Versus a therapist who in some areas might specialize in a particular type of client that is very narrow, but in a smaller community perhaps they would not survive if they’re too narrow.

However, it is very easy to convince yourself that you must be super broad, and do all the things. Doing all the things may end up serving fewer people, or at least serving fewer people well than being more focused.

Time and experience will tell, but maybe it is best to start narrow and broaden as needed?

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