Bad Moods & Heart Rate

Long-distance triathlon training lifestyle.

Sometimes I wake up really grumpy and have trouble snapping out of it. Today was one of those days! I meditated, I went for my run with my pup, I rode my bike to work (though I was late which probably added to overall stress on top of my grumpiness). The exercise, the outdoors, it wasn’t helping. Even the fact that the cloudy, rainy, day was turning into a sunny day didn’t help.

But then I went to a cycling class and spent 50 minutes at high intensity, with other great people, and good very loud music. The whole 50 minutes I could feel myself relaxing. I felt rejuvenated, and that feeling carried me through the rest of my day.

As a long-distance triathlete, most of my workouts are in a very low heart rate zone. I think that generally, endurance at low intensity is really what my body is made for. I get really beat and injured when I incorporate a lot of high intensity and high impact activity. However, every once in awhile nothing can beat an awesome, sweaty, high intensity workout! Good for body and for mind!