Are you a strict training plan follower or do you seize on the moment when weather and conditions are great?

Some people like a strict schedule, and others are more flexible with workouts.

I wrote recently about the crazy amount of rain we have been getting here in Juneau. This past Monday afternoon the skies cleared for a brief period of time (the weather report called for continuing pouring rain afterward), and I saw so many people seizing the opportunity to get out running in the afternoon and evening! It was great to see, and so good for them physically and mentally.

I, personally, rarely take such opportunities in nice weather. If the weather is nice for my workout, I certainly enjoy it, but I am so strict in my thinking and so beholden to my plan that I often do not shift to take advantage of better conditions. And if I’m scheduled to run in the AM, then I run in the AM and will likely not get out if I were to wait for the afternoon because I thought the weather would get better.

I do not think that one type of person is better than the other, but I do think there are a couple of types of people. I suspect more long-course triathletes are in the later category. I think the sport draws those of us in who love the rigid training plan. But I do admire those who seize the moment!