Overtraining – signs.

A few of the overtraining signs and symptoms and why it is difficult to tell if you are overtraining or overreaching.

I’m pushing overtraining.

Signs include fatigue, not wanting to workout, and not being able to get your heart rate up. There are others that one may experience, but these are some of the main ones.

The thing is, I think most people training for a long distance race such as an Ironman do a little overtraining. Experts refer to different levels on the overtraining spectrum – starting with over reaching – which can be beneficial if you push yourself, then recover, and come out stronger and fitter on the other end.

So how do folks define the different levels so you don’t over train? The definitions are based on how long it takes to recover- days to weeks or months.

What I take from this is that there isn’t a great way to know except through self experimentation. I think I tend not to push it…so I’m okay with the line I’m on but I’ll be watching myself closely.

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