Overtraining – a little more in depth & potential causes.

More about my decision to push overtraining…a little.

In my last post I wrote a little about overtraining and mentioned that I’m pushing it right now.

Last month I shared an email from the folks at Ironman New Zealand, which included advice that it is always better to be 10% undertrained than 10% overtrained.

I wanted to share a little more about my own experience and why I’m okay pushing overtraining right now, with the acknowledgement that there is nothing good about getting overtrained and I certainly do not wish to compromise my race despite my flirting with the state.

So here’s what’s running through my head:

  • First and foremost, I am okay taking the risk of being overtrained. I DO think I will recover by race day, but it isn’t my first race and it is a conscious decision to push the envelope.
  • I don’t usually push myself, I doubt I am getting beyond overreaching, and I’m okay testing these waters.
  • One sign of overtraining is exhaustion – but who trains 20 hours/week along with work and life and doesn’t feel exhausted? It makes sense to me that I’m tired.
  • Another sign of overtraining is not wanting to exercise. I did NOT want to do my long run yesterday – but it was 3 hours running in 10 degrees. Who really is eager about that?
  • Another sign of overtraining is loss of appetite. This is something I have experienced many times in the past, but these last few weeks my appetite has been quite ferocious, which I am taking as a good sign.
  • Another sign of overtraining is difficulty getting your heart rate up – but I generally have difficulty getting my heart rate up, and from my own experience this doesn’t overly concern me right now. I think I’m just being mentally lazy.
  • I am not experiencing a nagging injury that I’m worried about. I have a couple of aches and pains but they have been going away quickly with rest.
  • I am just generally feeling really good. Even though many workouts have been rough and slow, I was in a really good mood for a cycle last week and I rocked out to good music the whole 75 minutes. I did get my heart rate up and had fun (helping to confirm as I wrote above that not getting my HR up is largely mental right now). I’ve been training for long distance tri for a few years, and I am training for this race coming right off another race. Thus, I probably had the best base ever to build from, and I am probably in the best shape for endurance ever right now. I actually may be getting slower (over the years)…but I’m feeling good and am happy to overreach right now. Hopefully it will do me well for race day.

With that said, this is peak week and I had planned to do the same as I did last week, however, given how I am feeling I am going to drop back a little bit. I want to be able to work harder and get some confidence built before race day.

…Soon I will write a little more about some of the causes of overtraining.

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