Run. Eat. Run. Eat. Run…sounds like a party, right? Why not!

I often gaze longingly into my memories of high school. I went to a boarding school and had the closest friends I’ve ever had. I miss those social bonds, and if I’m honest, probably a lot of other great things about those four years of my life (I spent considerable time in the mountains each year exploring with a backpack, sometimes on skis, occasionally on the water. I also skied 5 days per week in the winter time. I did physical labor building things to make the campus a better place. Life was perfect in lots of ways).

But, if I look closely at my current life, it would be a good idea not to dismiss the friendships I have now. I know amazing people, and get to do some pretty cool things with them. I’m finding my adult version of those bonds.

Last month, I wrote about this awesome golfing birthday party.

This month I was invited to partake in another birthday tradition.

A ridiculous & fun birthday tradition somehow thought up by a triathlete. One who likes sugar and fun.

We gathered together. Then ran a mile on a nearby trail. Returned to the outdoor shelter and ate a doughnut (or gluten free muffin). Then we ran another mile. Ate an ice cream bar. Ran another mile. Then we enjoyed a bbq and ate even more food.

To make it more exciting, it was pouring. I’m talking rain of the rare form in Southeast Alaska. The real, wet to the bones kind. By the time we were done, we couldn’t have been wetter if we had jumped in a lake.

It was a pretty awesome way to celebrate another year older!

I’m thankful for people creating such adventure and to be a part of it.

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