Mobility for a Type-A personality.

I know darn well that flexibility is important. I know I should stretch after workouts, and maybe before. I know I feel better after using a foam roller.

But I rarely do any of these things.

I have tried yoga a number of times, but I can’t stand it and have never stick with it for long.

Five weeks ago, I started a strength & mobility program that I’m loving. I think the benefits will be similar to yoga (maybe also to lifting weights eventually), but it is something I actually enjoy doing, and therefore hope to stick with for longer.

It is Gymnastic Strength Training with Gymnastic Bodies. It was founded by Christopher Sommer, a former US national team gymnastics coach. It is all online, uses minimal equipment, and while it is based on the training he did as a gymnastics coach, this is designed for ‘normal’ people. Ultimately it’s designed to build incredibly strong bodies, but it starts at a level that just about anyone can do. The focus at the beginning is to get our bodies moving the way that they should be, using active and passive stretching, with a hint of strength.

For example, in a program called “restore,” there are different ‘workouts’ (about 9 minutes long and mostly stretching) that target different areas such as hips, hamstrings, and quads. There is also one designed just for your thoracic spine. Many exercises are new to me, I like them, and I can see why they are beneficial to me.

I spend approximately 20-40 minutes participating in follow-along videos 3 or 4 days per week. Most videos are 10 minutes or less (so far anyway) and you can choose how much you want to do. There is a guided progression, or you can choose particular ‘classes’.

Something about this program, whether the goal, how it’s taught, or the lack of slowness that I feel from yoga, draws me in. I encourage you to look into it if something here appeals to you, and feel free to ask any questions.

And just in case not clear…I don’t make any money off of my recommendations.

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