A year of blogging, and a heartfelt thanks to you.

October 4, 2019 is this post’s one year anniversary from the time I started daily posts.

When I started posting everyday, my goal was to write daily for a year… and here we are!

I was initially worried that I would forget to post every day. I didn’t until just in the last week of the first year…go figure.

I have enjoyed writing daily and plan to continue.

The triathlon theme is often vaguer than not. While I have a lot to say about tri…it turns out that it isn’t THAT much.

Thus, after this first year I thought about switching to a different platform that would be referred to as EJ’s blog (I even have the domain). Instead I have decided to stay here and continue writing about triathlon…and other things that interest me with a general theme of tri, life, self-improvement experiments, a funny story, or something else I want to share.

Tim Ferriss shares a tip of asking what it would look like if the task at hand were easy. We can so quickly and easily complicate matters and feel that we are doing more, but maybe we are just doing more and feeling busy and important but actually spending time on things that don’t really make a difference. This has really resonated with me lately as I start a couple of businesses and am juggling other odd jobs as well.

As I thought about my online presence I have a couple of large pieces of paper hanging in my living room outlining about 5 different web pages. Four of them would have their own blogs…I was going to keep this one for only tri related content.

That is definitely not what easy looks like, and I don’t think there’s a good need for such a complication.

Therefore, for now, I will continue to show up here day after day to share something with you that may be related to triathlon and may not. It is a nice space for me to share thoughts and to put them out into the world. Having to show up day after day has been a very interesting and exciting experience in terms of how I think and forcing me to write.

Thank YOU so much for reading what I share. If there are topics that you are interested in or particular types of posts that you would like to see more of please let me know. Seriously, while this is a good exercise for me I also would love to provide valuable content.

And if you are enjoying reading this blog, please share it with someone else you think may as well.

Thank you and let’s carry on for another year ahead.

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