Choosing the right coach.

How do you choose someone to work with or for you?

Let’s say you decide to work with a tri coach. How many do you interview? How do you know when you have found the right one?

It’s helpful to know your goals before you begin. Do you just want someone to hold you accountable? Where does having fun with them rank on your list? How important is their fee compared to others? Will their name add status to you and your life? Do you want to get faster? Are you looking to explore a new technique? Which of the three sports is most important, or is it nutrition or transitions or something else?

Once you know why you are looking then you can decide how to go about finding that person. Who should you talk to for a recommendation? Who has gotten the results that you want? Who is cheapest? Whose available the hours you want to train? Or to put together a plan?

Once someone meets the criteria, and they feel like a good fit after you meet with them, it’s best to stay put and go all in. Otherwise you will continue questioning your decision at the peril of achieving your goals.

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