How to change work, part 3.

This is the third in a series in which I share my musing about how to change the culture of work now that I’m a boss.

What about getting away from the idea of a set number of hours and instead focusing on tasks?

As a supervisor, I wouldn’t know then how to decide how much work is the right amount to give. And how would the employee know how to schedule their days?

I am not a proponent of billing by the hour as a general rule. If I bill you by the hour, my incentive is to take a long time. If I bill you by the product or value of a service, my incentive is to efficiently create the best experience or product for you.

This was another problem I had as an employee. Because I got paid for the hours I spent at work, I received no added benefit even though I think I was pretty darn efficient.

So, I seek to reward efficiency in employees, but how does one do that?

[Seriously, if you have ideas, let me know.]

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