Work in progress.

I’m a member of a company (New Law Business Model) that supports me to provide great systems and estate planning and business services.

I’ve noticed that they are constantly upgrading their offerings.

Their internal training system now uses a new platform than when I started. Many of the training videos have been updated. They just updated the kids protection plan website (see it here). And so much more!! They constantly are changing things to better support us and to stay up to date.

Similarly, I regularly receive system update notes from Zoom. With the increased demand, they are changing to provide better security and features in demand.

You could look at this and think “okay, they are improving on an already good product”. And they are.

But I think we can also use these examples to remind us that we don’t have to be perfect before we share. It’s easy to think “I have to get this perfect” before it is ready to show something else. “I need all business systems before my first customer.” “I need to buy my dream restaurant before I start cooking for others.”

But there is no perfect, and you will never “be done.” Or never should be done, as that is a from of settling. To stay in demand, you will always want to be upgrading. It’s a privilege and can be a great journey if you just don’t get in your own way.

Do you have a product or service or suggestion to make the world a better place? Get out there and help someone; you can still improve upon it as you go.

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