Figuring out how we learn best.

I was trying to listen to a lecture but was not tracking well and found it difficult to pay attention. I was able to put it on my phone and go for a walk and get value out of it because I was able to do it in a way that I could pay attention.

We all learn differently, and this experience makes me think about those forced to learn in ways that they struggle with. I heard recently about someone who could not seem to pay attention in school and it took him long into adulthood to figure out how he was able to learn in his own way. That was Scott Kelley….you might have heard about him because he is one of the few humans who joined NASA and has been to space.

Another reminder to me to allow ourselves to be who we are. I don’t like that I couldn’t pay attention and sometimes I probably do not try hard enough. But sometimes it is okay to do what we are ready for in the way we are ready for it in this moment. Small steps forward get us further than not trying at all.

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