Waiting for something bad.

An email in my inbox. A look at the subject line. And the heart rate begins to climb.

An email from the IRS? Nope.

An email from my mother’s caregiver? Nope.

Oftentimes, the most innocuous of emails gets my heart rate up. Like an email from a fabulous client. I am so fearful of doing something wrong, I think that the email is going to tell me about a mistake or be a complaint.

Is this from experience because we screw up a lot? Nope!

Just negative wasted energy.

Where are you waiting for the something negative to happen? How can we shift our instincts to not waste our energy in worry? And it’s not just energy, that stress does nothing good for our bodies, but perhaps most of us create worry thoughts to get in our way. Let’s let them go!

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