Hanging out with the cool kids.

I have this deep rooted fear about not being welcome. It comes about in a variety of social contexts and I recently shared with someone that I’d signed up for something that I thought was a bit advanced for me at my stage of business. I was feeling self-conscious about participating “too early”.

At first I thought my hesitation in joining was just a matter of where to put my energy. Only through talking it out did I recognize that my hesitation was that same feeling I get about going to something social when I have any question about whether I’m welcome.

She pointed out by being with people more advanced then me, I have even more room to expand and grow! I get to be there with people that are where I want to be!

I wanted to hide.

How can you expand to get where you want to be and hang out with people one step ahead of you or maybe 50 steps ahead of you?

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