Right people, right role.

It’s interesting being on the ‘other’ side of hiring. After applying for dozens of jobs in the past, it’s a weird change to think about attracting people to apply instead of presenting my own personal self in the best way possible.

As a business owner, you get to create the position. What will this person do? When? How? And how can you find the right people?

From this seat, I can see that I want to find the right people. Then I can fit them into their right role. But as an applicant, this was never something I considered.

If you are on either side, how can you network effectively to either be the right person in the right place for a role, or to find that person to move your business to the next level? It is not so black and white as I once thought. People are each unique and can move any organization – forwards or backwards or simply somewhere different.

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