You can figure it out.

“Everything is figureoutable” is the title of Marie Forleo’s recent book. I have a copy, though I haven’t read it yet. But the title is something that her mother used to tell to her, and something she has kept on her mind.

It is a message that has guided her throughout her life, and given her the assurance that has allowed her to create a life she loves for herself.

There may be no better message to internalize.

My mom is always telling me that she is dumb because she doesn’t know something, or that she could never figure something out. “I watch people start businesses on TV, and I could never do that. I don’t know what to do to start…” “No one does,” I tell her, “people just figure it out as they go.”

For whatever reason, she has internalized, not “everything is figureoutable,” but “some people are in the know, and I am not because I am lacking.”

Do you believe that everything is figureoutable? And if not, what circumstances in your past lead to your conclusion? Can you move past them and begin to internalize that actually, you, yes you, can figure it out if you want to?

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