When no one wants to do the job.

I walked into the gas station for a key to use the restroom. The clerk was 100% unengaged and handed it to me without looking up with his phone.

And why should he be engaged? He has a boring job, or worse – it wasn’t a nice gas station as gas stations go – and he probably doesn’t make enough to live on.

I think jobs like his will go away. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

But something will have to change. There should be enough money to go around, but how will it actually play out? What would happen if the minimum wage was actually a living wage? I heard recently about a company with a 75K minimum pay. If this were standard, what would this create?

Work provides meaning and pay. I hope that we will create more opportunities for meaning, and more opportunities for people to live a decent life. And I’m not sure that these are always going to come from the same sources going forward.

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