But what could happen?

As I call people to participate in my podcast, I am surprised by the hesitation. I thought I might struggle as a ‘nobody’ to get people to participate. I didn’t think that people would not want to participate because they are shy and do not want to do something that can get their name out, even just a little bit, because they are nervous about it. But that has been the response more than I expected.

What would you say if asked to be on a podcast?

What if you could have control over what actually gets shared in the world?

And have you considered the other options? Perhaps you are or would be worried about sounding dumb and all the other bad stuff that might happen (but really likely will not). Did you consider the upside though? What could happen if you share the information the way that only you can share it? What if you could really help someone by sharing? Could you do it for them?

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