Addressing the difficult.

When we run away from the difficult decisions, the difficult conversations, the things that make us uncomfortable – then we continue to live in the world that is familiar to us. This world has little growth opportunity – for us, and for others.

Tackling what’s difficult frees us from our current confines. And, it might even help others around us.

I heard of a conversation recently about a boss who didn’t want to confront an employee for characteristics that were getting in the way of their work. Eventually they had that conversation, and their were tears as anticipated and worried about. However, the next day, this person came back to the boss and thanked them for the difficult conversation; and the employee expressed some frustration that no one had shared the information over the last 15 years of their career.

We don’t have to be perfect in doing the difficult, but if we try and know that what we do is good enough, it might just open up a new world for us.

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