Time to follow.

Sometimes the best way we can help is to surrender and to help another in the way they need rather than taking control and doing it the way we think it should be done.

I am helping both elderly and disabled family members. Been going about the tasks they must be done, I’ve been sitting a plan. However, as the days go by I am realizing that sometimes what I had planned needs to go by the wayside. I am here to help others, not just to get a task done in the way and at the time I might prefer.

It reminds me of a friend from Hoffman. After the Process he spent more time playing with his kids, and found more joy in doing so. What he recognized is that he must meet them where they are at. Instead of starting an activity that he thought would be fun for all of them, he let them lead the way and play nearly followed their lead.

For some of us it is difficult to surrender rather than to have the plan. Life can be a good reminder that being a good helper and even being a good leader sometimes means letting somebody else take the lead.

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