I found the best career, or business idea, or product idea. Shhhh....don't tell anyone because then the market will be crowded and I will lose out. But that's not how it works. We are all different and will want to do different things. We will pursue different ideas. We will have different success. And we [...]

Remaining malleable.

When rules and regulations change, our strategies must adapt as well. Our current plan may no longer work the way that we hoped (and planned on), and the initial moment may (will?) sting and can be painful and frustrating. But over time, if we we remain malleable and positive, we find new ways to do [...]

I am…

One helpful way to change your habits is to associate with the identity. I am a person who gets up early. I am a person who eats vegetables throughout the day. I am a person who lives in active life. I am a person who takes pride in my work. Whatever it is... If you [...]