Something will go wrong.

When things are going well, I have a bias towards waiting until they don't go well. The thing is, that's wasted energy. Not because things probably will go well, but the opposite. Every business, and regularly throughout our lives, there will be hurdles and setbacks and challenges to face. It's part of life, and when [...]

The right fit.

I was recently introduced to the business identity framework from Tony Robbins which categorizes business leaders into three buckets: managers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries/artists. The idea is that we lead with different powers, and also that every organization needs people with different strengths. I think it is freeing to recognize that we cannot be all the [...]


How quickly can you turn on and off? Both are skills i'm not great at, but it is something we can learn if deliberate about it. I typically hang on to trying to be on even when it's time to turn off for a bit and it serves no one well, including myself!

Who we serve.

Service providers get to choose who they serve. But what does that mean to you? I'm trying to learn to find deep curiosity and joy in serving individuals, even with some differing views. This may sound obvious and simple, but I don't think it is for many. Where is that place beyond self that can [...]