Education is fantastic, amazing, healthy, and wise. But it can also be a barrier between who you are now and who you want to be. Education can compliment what we are doing, or you might decide you just need a little more education before you make the change to seek to make. Choose wisely. Education [...]

Choosing others.

How do we choose the people we work with? What comes into play both consciously and unconsciously? When are you comfortable with your decision? And will you turn to someone else if you decide you don't like your chosen person? Apparently, when people hire a coach, understanding the process is more important than the coaches [...]

Season of sacrifice.

Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft talk often on their podcast Happier about a 'season of sacrifice'. As a tv writer, Elizabeth's work is very seasonal. Not in a traditional way, but there are times when she is working insane hours on a project, and then times that are much slower. She has found it helpful [...]

Battling ego.

I worry incessantly that people will think my motivations are bad. This is not because they are and I am trying to hide the fact. Quite the opposite. It is particularly when I'm doing something good that I worry people will think I have some nefarious intent. In reality, I suspect that no one cares [...]

Being alone.

Astronauts have reported feeling ready to go home and be surrounded by more humans after about four months in space. After four months of quarantine, or for some at least being aware of quarantine even if they haven't stuck with it, and with the number of infections only increasing, how are you feeling? The thing [...]