What does it mean to be a good customer? Should you care? You may receive better service when you are a good customer. Yet, sometimes you may just have bad communication with the service provider. Then what? You might be over to overcome it. Or sometimes maybe it is just a poor fit between provider [...]


You can't fight willful blindness by shoving information down people's throats. Facts are band-aids. They cover gaps in knowledge, but fail to treat the root cause: a lack of desire to learn. Ignorance is a choice. Curiosity is a cure. It motivates people to educate themselves. ~Adam Grant Thoughts to ponder. If true, how do [...]


Education is fantastic, amazing, healthy, and wise. But it can also be a barrier between who you are now and who you want to be. Education can compliment what we are doing, or you might decide you just need a little more education before you make the change to seek to make. Choose wisely. Education [...]

Choosing others.

How do we choose the people we work with? What comes into play both consciously and unconsciously? When are you comfortable with your decision? And will you turn to someone else if you decide you don't like your chosen person? Apparently, when people hire a coach, understanding the process is more important than the coaches [...]