My big ego.

Sometimes I have these wildly egotistical thoughts. I will see something in the world and somehow think that something might be happening that entirely revolves around me. This can be stuff that is completely insane that would ever happen!

This is embarrassing to admit but I wonder if I’m not the only one and it leads to an important lesson.

One embarrassing moment I recall from probably 15 years ago was a conversation with someone in which I thought they were offering me a job. My husband was there and when I told him my version of the story, he informed me that that’s not what she was saying at all. I had conveniently misheard. Other examples include sometimes I think people are planning a surprise for me. And it goes on.

These thoughts are just fleeting but it gives me a glimpse into the potential danger of my own mind-as well as an awareness of my ability to make things about myself when they are not. My brain revolves around a self-centered view. I have the ability to think of others and be empathetic but my lizard brain cares about myself.

I can last use this awareness when I’m worrying about what other people think of me to recall that they probably just aren’t thinking about me at all.

I can also work to constantly shift to a bigger outward focus.

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